Communication Room Development

Raised Floor, Access Control, Fire Detection and Suppression


Communication Room Development

The manageability of a network greatly depends on how much thought was put into the design of the communication room which would house its active/passive endpoints and other components.

Being the nerve centre of the entire network, the communication room usually ends up becoming the most valuable “asset” in an enterprise. Therefore, it has to be planned and built with the highest level of detail.

With termination panels, cables, routers, file and application servers, etc. usually jostling for space, it is imperative to design for ergonomics using raised floors and modern telecommunication closets, for instance.

Additionally, we implement anti-fire and access control measures so as to provide the communication room with comprehensive protection against fire, unauthorised entry, theft, etc.

KEY POINTS Only FM200 waterless fire suppression systems offer the following:

  • Detects and eliminates fire within 10seconds
  • Prevents extensive collateral damage and minimizes combustion by-products
  • Safe for people, equipment and the environment
  • Eliminates downtime.
  • Supported by leading fire protection system manufacturers worldwide.
  • Approved by global major regulatory organizations
  • Manufactured under rigorous and strict quality standards.
  • Effective on class A, B and C fires.

We at RankNetCom Limited are established and certified suppliers and installers of safety, security and automated fire suppression systems.

We guaranty the deployment of industry approved systems with a view to providing 24hour surveillance on your installed business machines and systems.

Apart from our design and installation expertise, we are committed to customer satisfaction, healthy, safe and conducive working environment. This we have achieved through continuous improvement in our processes and certification of our work force to meet with current industry standards. 

We have proven track record of timely and quality job delivery capabilities and will always strive to maintain it.


Hygood FM-200 is internationally accepted and approved as the fire protection solution of choice for both people and high value assets.

Electrically non-conductive, Hygood FM-200 occupies minimal storage space and has zero depletion potential on the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer.

WHY FM-200

Halon 1301 and 1211 were very reliable fire suppressants until 31st December 2002. However, under the terms of the Montreal Protocol, the environmental damage caused by the halon gas made it unacceptable except for certain military and air transport applications. To comply with the EC and global environmental atmospheric protection directives, all halon systems installations were to be decommissioned by the end of 31st Dec. 2003.


Where disruption has to be minimized and survivability of the business is critical, clean, safe and environmentally friendly Hygood FM-200 is the perfect choice.

Its primary action is through cooling the fire and removing heat energy so that the combustion reaction cannot be sustained.

It is the ideal long term replacement agent and the hygood FM-200 is approved by UL, FM, LPCB, and the MCA.

Furthermore, because the FM-200 fire suppression gas contains no particles or residue, it virtually eliminates the risk of damage to delicate equipment caused by the extinguishant itself.

FM-200 is very relevant in the protection of critical assets in these key sectors:

bullet Telecommunications

  • Oil and Gas
  • Financial Institutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Maritime
  • Aviation.

Key application areas include among others:

  • Computer areas
  • Gas turbines.
  • Oil industry installations
  • Power generation
  • Control rooms
  • Museums and archives.


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