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RankNetCom Limited is focus in providing innovative solutions to the network Convergence and ICT market.


RankNetCom Limited deploy a complete line of low cost, highly flexible and scalable, highest quality, Intelligent ICT solutions. There is no time and age better than now to start deploying them. For instance, the Tenor VoIP access switching and gateway solutions are deployed in enterprise and service provider networks around the world. The Quintum Tenor® solution is the only product that offers Survivability to assure telephony communications remain live in branch office locations (at this present time of the swift and sweet songs of ‘Consolidation’, the Banking & Insurance sector will require it more than ever before), even if the IP PBX network fails; Unmatched protection of voice quality and availability; Ease of Ownership with scalability, security and remote management capabilities; Ease of installation because Tenors are designed to fit into virtually any network offering and compatibility across PBX and IP PBX environments and Lower TCO because Tenors require no PBX modifications, no additional equipment, and no provisioning expenses.

RankNetCom Limited offers solutions ranging from simple and complex:
 Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) for Data, Voice and Clean Power   (UPS) infrastructure
 Data Center Systems & Planning
 Building/Office Electrification Systems
Electrical Power Transformers for residential/commercial building and estates 
 Reliable C-Band Internet Provisioning,
 Systems Integration
 Cisco Switches, Switching and Cisco Security.

The company created by leaders in the key aspects required for building successful, robust, scalable and flexible networks business in Nigeria and positioned to be a major global force in electronics, information communication and Technology services

RankNetCom Limited is poised to creating a reputation for progressive technology and innovation with the release of some of the latest technological developments in ICT industry.

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