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Communication Cabling

As a result of the fierce competition in the market place, many solution providers are tempted to cut costs by compromising the quality of both materials and workmanship.

The resultant effect is a network that does not deliver what was promised and one that cannot be effectively managed. But At RankNetCom Limited, we have taken structured cabling and turned it into an art - a very fine one indeed.

We realise that customers want the best out of their networks - high performance with no downtime - so we design and build them to world class standards. At the end of the day, our customers can rest assured that their networks can handle even the most challenging applications.

No matter what the requirement is - whether you are building a data-only network or a converged (data and voice) network with power cabling demands - we have the expertise to design and implement it cost effectively and on schedule.


 Fiber optic cabling solves these problems and offers users:

 High data rate and wide bandwidth 
 Immunity to EMI/RFI and lightning damage 
 No ground loops 
 Low attenuation (data loss) 
 Longer distance - 2 and 5 km with Multimode fiber    or over 25 km with Single Mode fiber 
 Small cable diameter fits anywhere 
 Light weight 
 No sparks if cut 
 No shock hazard 
 Secure communications 
 Low system cost 
 Longer life expectancy than copper or coaxial cable 
 Cabling of the future

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