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Communication Room Development

The manageability of a network greatly depends on how much thought was put into the design of thecommunication room which would house its active/passive endpoints and other components.

Being the nerve centre of the entire network, the communication room usually ends up becoming the most valuable "asset" in an enterprise. Therefore, it has to be planned and built with the highest level of detail.

With termination panels, cables, routers, file and application servers, etc. usually jostling for space, it is imperative to design for ergonomics using raised floors and modern telecommunication closets, for instance.

Additionally, we implement anti-fire and access control measures so as to provide the communication room with comprehensive protection against fire, unauthorised entry, theft, etc.


Hygood FM-200 is internationally accepted and approved as the fire protection solution of choice for both people and high value assets.
Electrically non-conductive, Hygood FM-200 occupies minimal storage space and has zero depletion potential on the earth's stratospheric ozone layer.

WHY FM-200
Halon 1301 and 1211 were very reliable fire suppressants until 31st December 2002. However, under the terms of the Montreal Protocol, the environmental damage caused by the halon gas made it unacceptable except for certain military and air transport applications. To comply with the EC and global environmental atmospheric protection directives, all halon systems installations were to be decommissioned by the end of 31st Dec. 2003.

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