Network Consultancy and Support


Network Consultancy & Support

The primary processes that represent the basics of the methodology required for developing and maintaining a reliable network infrastructure are:

Network Audit — a comprehensive, operational review or “snapshot” of the current state of your network security posture. It helps determine what security vulnerabilities exist on the network, locates them, helps determine severity, and shows how to fix them.

Network Security Policy Development — designed to assist you in defining a network Security Policy that can be implemented in your systems and network security infrastructure to protect assets and sensitive information.

Network Architecture & Design — delivers the plans and blue print for a successful network infrastructure implementation.

Network Support Agreement — defines the guidelines and specifics for providing effective network infrastructure support.

Customers want a single point of accountability to whom they can turn for expertise on issues relating networking, and they want someone who can support them no matter what products and platform they are running – whether they are running a data only or converged network.

Because we take an integrated approach to networking, we are able to look at your needs

– product specifications, security, support, etc.

– holistically. Our consultancy practice delivers a comprehensive view of networking for organisations looking to get the best out of their entire communications infrastructure.

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